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Think of CoolNation as a banner under which gamers and enthusiasts can rally, educate themselves, share ideas and offer feedback on “Asetek Cooled” products. The platform will be used to tell our product stories while also engaging the community directly through competitions, industry interviews and giveaways.

When you get right to it, CoolNation is our consumer-facing blog. Look a little closer and you find a gamer-focused hub that will operate like an Asetek ambassador for PC gaming, esports and PC enthusiasts. It was created to host and facilitate an even deeper level of engagement than our daily forum trolling could achieve. The platform will be used to share our stories with the community as well as engage them. Here we can offer insight and new ways to leverage our technology, collect feedback and of course — handout some sick giveaways.

The site will be updated several times a week and believe me, we have all sorts of content planned.  Expect to see cool new PC builds with insight on how things are pieced together, best use case for a given system and why we selected each component for the build. We have some keen How-Tos planned, which will arm new and experienced builders with helpful tips and insight.




Meet our writers – Asetek’s own Technology Evangelists and certified hardware nerds.

Dennis Vesterbæk Hampe - Asetek Technology Evangelist


A lover of all things tech, Dad-joke aficionado and watercooling enthusiast. Tech-Evangelist at Asetek.
Shawn Sanders - Asetek Technology Evangelist


Avid PC and gaming enthusiast with nearly two decades of professional experience working in tech marketing, media and game development. 

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