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Favorite game

CS:GO, Apex Legends, Warframe

Shawn is an avid PC and gaming enthusiast with nearly two decades of professional experience working in tech marketing, media and game development. Shawn loves to arm users with valuable information that is not easily conveyed through press releases and data sheets. His writing has appeared on major company blogs, such as NVIDIA GeForce, EVGA, and ASUS ROG. He’s also worked as a reviewer for several media outlets like HotHardware, GadgetReview, and GameRevolution. Shawn brings his vigorous passion and DIY expertise to Asetek to help tell our product stories, engage the community, and stay on top of what drives and excites PC enthusiasts.

Latest posts

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Gaming specs

Intel i7-8700K

Intel i7-8700K

Roccat Tyon mouse @ 1600dpi

Roccat Tyon mouse @ 1600dpi

Roccat Vulcan keyboard

Roccat Vulcan keyboard

GTX 1080 Ti 2-way SLI

Ge-Force GTX 1080 Ti 2-way SLI

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