GamesCom Day 1: A recap through the eyes of a water cooling enthusiast

GamesCom is massive

Today I’ve started roaming GamesCom, and this is my impression as a water cooling enthusiast.

Anyone following hardware news and reviews lately, will have noticed a lot of chatter about “Air vs. Water” for cooling, mostly because of the price differences. Many outlets are downright claiming that air cooling is now competitive with 240mm radiators – an almost unbelievable notion, and something we will explore in the future here on CoolNation.

Water Cooling. Water Cooling Everywhere!

GamesCom has an absolutely astounding amount of PC builds across the 11 halls. Yes, ELEVEN halls! I’ve seen so many PCs today, average gaming, high-end enthusiast builds and absolute monsters of modding. But most of them have one thing in common – they have some form of water cooling installed in them. A lot of AIOs (All-in-one, closed loop) coolers with their eye-catching blocks and quite a lot of custom loop systems. There are also some air-cooled setups, which mostly consist of absolutely behemoth heatsinks. They are necessary to expel the intense heat loads from the CPUs. Some look like they could easily snap a motherboard in half.

I managed to stop by Gigabyte Aorus as well. They had an enormous booth with everything from live face-offs of LoL with crowds cheering, to closed gaming booths and racing simulators, suspended on hydraulic pistons with VR headsets (quite fun, I might add!). For those VR platforms, Aorus had two epic gaming machines displayed, with vertical mounted GPUs with that flashy Gigabyte cooler design and on the CPU, I spotted their brand new AIO liquid cooler. Aorus is bringing a cool (pun intended…) design to market and it’s hard to imagine that other players won’t be looking to this design for ideas in the future. The cooler itself is manufactured by industry leader, Asetek.

Prebuilts with Water Cooling as Standard

In the prebuilt space, Alienware has launched their brand-new Aurora design. Alienware is truly going back to its roots of having design that is “out of this World”, with a design that does make one think of space and aliens. Perfect! As one of only a few system integrators Alienware continues to use a high-quality liquid cooling unit as standard, in their Aurora PCs. Stating that overclocks of 120W are possible out of the box. Quite good for a pre-built!

This enthusiast is very positive about the future of water cooling because of the many computers here featuring the technology. There is a clear dedication among the many hardware companies to bring high-performance cooling to the masses. It will be interesting to see what other water cooling news will see the light of day.

Finally if you have never been at GamesCom. Order your ticket now because it is truly amazing. The sheer amount of gamers gathered in one place makes it worth a lengthy trip and be prepared for the masses.

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