GamesCom Day 2: Is it for everyone?

GamesCom is massive

GamesCom in Cologne is a behemoth. It is the single largest gaming convention in the World. Last year, there was no less than 370.000 visitors. I dare say it’s not less this year!

What is GamesCom?

Before diving into the deep end, I would like to tell you a little about GamesCom because if I don’t how will you evaluate if it is for you?
GamesCom is the largest gaming convention in the World. More than 370.000 people visited last year. A number that is likely to have grown this year.
GamesCom is all about gaming. But you will find much more than just games here. Among the many things to look at, you will find Cosplay, new games, hardware, PCs and consoles, developers and much, much more.

Cosplay and Gaming

GameCom consists of an astonishing 11 halls. Some of which are even split into higher and lower levels. That means that gamers an enthusiasts visiting GamesCom are met by a plethora of different things to view and engage with.
All halls are surely not for everyone. One is dedicated to Cosplay, another to merch and a couple for trade visitors. Not to mention that EA has its own.
Cosplay is a large part of GamesCom, although not as big as at TwitchCon. At Gamescom cosplayers range from happy amateurs via very dedicated amateurs to absolute professionals. Some represent brands, others are just showing their passion to the World.

Gaming is central in a place called GamesCom and several halls are dedicated to gaming in various shapes and sizes. You will experience massive booths from the giants of casual gaming – Sony Playstation, Microsoft XBOX and Nintendo. Furthermore PC gaming companies are getting some skin in the game as well, with representatives such as Razer, Gigabyte (Aorus) and Alienware.

Is it for Everyone?

No. It is definitely not for everyone.
It is difficult to explain in words what GamesCom is, and who it is for. But if you are not into gaming- or hardware related news, innovations and displays, this place is not for you.
On the other hand. If you are a gamer, a cosplayer or an enthusiast, then you’ll absolutely love GamesCom.
Granted there is a LOT of people, and it is probably not for a recluse. But there are so many things to experience, both visually and hands on experiences.

Should you Attend?

If you have made it all the way here, the answer is ABSOLUTELY. GamesCom is amazing for any gamer or enthusiast. I dare say anyone with any kind of interest in video games or tech in general will enjoy this convention.

GamesCom will still be on tomorrow (Friday) as well as Saturday. It is currently sold out. You might still be able to get a night ticket, though.
If you can’t make it this year, take notes now. GamesCom in Cologne will return 08.25.20 – 08.29.20.

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