Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Open Beta Is Live On All Platforms

Ghost Recon Breakpoint beta is now live after a brief hiccup that delayed the launch. Gamers on PC, PS4 and XBOX have been eagerly awaiting Ubisoft to switch on those darn servers. Shoot, drive and exploring the game’s open-world. Fans of Ghost Recon’s co-op shooting went into this week with high anticipation and Ubisoft delivered. The open beta for the latest in the Ghost Recon series is now live! 

When does Ghost Recon: Breakpoint launch?

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint open beta will hit stores and digital download platforms on Friday October 4th. Ubisoft conducted a closed beta via random invite only or if you pre-ordered the game. That ended a couple weeks ago. Today September 26 marks the launch of the open beta which is available to anyone willing to take on the hard drive space necessary to install the open-world shooter. Wondering what all the fuss has been about? You can find out for yourself and completely for free – well at the cost of a bit of bandwidth and HDD space.  

What’s available in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint?

Here’s all that’s available in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. The open beta offers up five of the campaign missions, which are set in the game’s Auroa map. This is a vast open-world where players can travel on foot, boat, in ground and aerial vehicles. There are a handful of side quests and Faction-based objectives. In addition, Ubisoft have also brought back PvP and a portion is available for play in the beta. Checkout the game’s 4v4 Ghost War Elimination mode with three different maps to experience. Ubisoft urges player to remember that progress made in the beta will not transfer to the final game shipping in Oct. 

Too much greatness

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is just one of many great games barreling down on us. For instance, we still need to dive into Borderlands 3. Additionally, the beta for Call of Duty Modern Warfare was a welcomed surprise that has us seriously thinking about grabbing a copy when it drops at the end of October. 

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