New AMD EPYC server series plus Zen 3 and Zen 4?

AMD EPYC image black on black

There’s no better time to be a PC enthusiast than right now. We could geek-out at nauseam about hot new tech like NVIDIA RTX Ray Traying itself and its mounting adoption in games. PCIe 4.0 is another amazing new technology that promises both insane drive speed for NVMe M.2 storage and the unlocked gaming potential and enhanced graphic fidelity it may bring. This last one was just ushered into the market via new AMD motherboards for socket AM4 and the company has a lot more to share. 

Last week AMD revealed their EPYC 7002 series processors, which have their roots in the first EPYC processors. They’ve done this by making use of the Zen 2 microarchitecture — AMD’s new Ryzen 3000 desktop processors use the Zen 2 architecture.  

So EPYC 7002, also known as “Rome” can benefit from all the features of Zen 2, including improved IPC, higher integer throughput, bolstered efficiency, and performance. The new direction for AMD servers was so compelling, Supermicro, Google and Twitter now have plans to use them in their data centers.  

Builders listen up! AMD has you covered as well. While the industry stands at attention over the impressive Zen 2 launch, the company also announced the design for Zen 3 is already complete with plans. Could Zen 4 be too far behind? Mark Papermaster, AMD’s Chief Technology Officer stated, “It will be an iterative upgrade based on a 7nm+ manufacturing process when it arrives next year.” and is said to be on schedule. Papermaster also promised, “We are always working on the next designs while we are doing our current design,” and the importance of getting back to being a performance leader. 

This is very interesting as Intel is on the verge of releasing their 10nm Ice Lake processors. This competition is great for users as each company competes for your attention and dollars by boosting performance at competitive price points. The Intel i9-9900K remains a compelling platform and AMD has closed the gap with the Ryzen 3900X. The next generation of processors  

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